Vee’s massages in Portugal

Below you will find a short overview of my massages. All massages can be tailored to your personal wishes. Prices include VAT.

  • Abhyanga – vedic rejuvenation massage. 90 minutes.
    Gentle body massage with warm herbal oil.
  • Udvartana – tissue activating massage. 90 minutes.
    Special herbal or flour pastes applied to the skin to activate the tissue, improve blood circulation and counteract cellulite. The massage has a detoxifying effect and is suitable for weight reduction.
  • Shirodhara – forehead oil pouring. 1 x 45 min. or 2 x 45 min.
    Flowing warm oil poured onto your forehead will bring you into a soothing state of deepest relaxation and harmony. For optimal results we recommend two sessions of 45 minutes each.
  • Combination of Abhyanga and Shirodhara. 120 min
    This treatment combines the benefits of the revitalizing oil massage with the deep relaxation effect of the forehead oil pouring leading to a unique rejuvenating effect.
  • Kansu – foot massage with bowl. 50 min
    Massaging the ghee (clarified butter) into the skin brings all three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) into balance. You will experience deep relaxation and feel harmonious and balanced after a short time.
  • Special joint and spine “dorn” treatment. 60 min. 
    For back pain, general joint problems, headaches, tinnitus, neuralgia.
  • Special oil-slat massage. 90 min.
    With pure sea salt and herbs. Gives refreshment, boosts blood circulation and thus stimulates renewing effect on the skin.
  • 4-hand synchronous massage. 60 min.
    Full body massage given by me and another man, or me and another woman.
  • Body-Soul-Touch massage. 120 min.
    During a Tantric body-to-body session we joyfully play and experiment in a peaceful and familiar atmosphere.
  • Hammam & Body-Soul-Touch massage. 150 min.
    A beauty treatment from head to toe including an exfoliating massage with oil and a scrub massage with sea salt, followed by a Body-Soul-Touch massage.
  • Cocoon.
    The cocoon brings you into a miraculous moment of bliss. Maybe a long-ago feeling will be shown.



Information and bookings

Click here to contact me for more information and bookings. Massages are to be paid cash and in full before the start of the massages. Prices include VAT.


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